About Eldora Gold Resources Canada Tailings Processing Technology

Eldora Gold Resources Canada: Tailings Processing is our operations division which provides a chemical free, environmentally friendly solution to the process of extracting minerals from tailings.
Eldora has developed proprietary equipment and techniques that extract mineral concentrate from existing tailings. Our technique also reduces the negative environmental effect of the chemicals remaining in the tailings from the original mining process.
Our low capital cost approach and high mineral recovery percentage provides an extremely profitable option for our clients. Eldora Gold also provides a database of buyers willing to purchase the concentrate.
Tailings Processing Technology
Eldora Gold has developed and is offering a proprietary separation technique for extracting mineral content from mining tailings. Our technology has no up-front cost to the client due to the low capital cost of the equipment.
Eldora Gold will start by verifying the mineral content of the tailings through certified sample testing and, if successful, we will supply the equipment and training necessary to extract the mineral concentrate. We also provide the buyer for the extracted concentrate.
The fee for these services is an agreed upon percentage of the mineral concentrate sale which is typically in the range of one third of the concentrate sale price.

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About Ebook Reader C-paper Technology – Fun Technology Limited

With the advent of Apple iPad, a lot of people began to read e-books by iPad. It is reported that there are over 50% of Japan’s iPad users enjoy reading e-books.Ipad’s color LCD screen display capabilities and the speed of screen reaction is super than E-ink screen. However, people now understand that E-ink screen ebook reader is not the only option. In light of this, Taiwan Power Company has developed a C-paper technology. This technology-driven from the bottom of the LCD screen for improving technology to make it show more comfotable for eyes, also improving contrast and brightness curve, making it more suitable for reading electronic books. It has achieved the same level of the E-ink screen for long reading time.C-paper technology should be regarded as a kind of technology to optimize the screen’s backlight.


E-ink and C-paper
Based on C-Paper and E-ink screen technology has the same eye protection function, while the performance in color and screen response speed far beyond the latter. In power consumption, the battery life has reached more than 50% of E-ink, up to 12 hours continuous reading time, pages 3500 or more, fully meet the needs of daily use.

The advantages of C-paper technology in color

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A Spectacular Assortment Of Solar Technology Tips, Tricks And Secrets

Choosing solar powered energy can be one of the guidelines on how to minimize the costs of energy consumption. Besides, you will certainly be prepared just in case energy costs increase in the foreseeable future. Therefore, being familiar with solar energy options for your own home or company is an intelligent decision. Keep reading for additional information about the best way to use solar powered energy to your benefit.

Dry clothing outside. It could be a classic idea, but it still works! Instead utilizing your dryer on the sunny day, hang your laundry outside over a clothesline to dry. This can save you tons on the bills.

When cost and square footage are of no concern, a sun-tracking system of panels is a superb option. This kind of system follows the sun’s path all over the sky. While start-up costs may be beyond for a fixed system, any additional energy production could very well make it worthwhile.

It’s not something readily contemplated, but if you use solar powered energy, you don’t need to be hooked to your community’s power grid. You, yourself, can get it work, making your family more independent than your neighbors. This means you won’t need to pay a monthly

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A Completely White Labelled SaaS Technology Solution for Employee Recognition Program Providers

Employee recognition service providers have everything to gain by using a SaaS platform to deliver their employee recognition programs to clients. In my previous article, I discussed the many benefits associated with SaaS technology solution such as increased speed to market, reduced infrastructure costs, affordability and scalability.

Since being introduced, SaaS technology solutions have significantly improved the way employee recognition program providers deliver their services to their clients. Essentially, there are two ways to improve your current employee recognition program to become a Saas-based system.

Choice #1: Build it from scratch. The first choice is to build the technology from scratch. This is a huge undertaking that will take years to complete and by the time you are ready to launch ready current SaaS providers have already advanced their solution 10 fold. Technological advances move quickly and while SaaS technology itself is a perfect example of this so is the recent Cloud revolution for those that are looking to build your own SaaS platform the need for continual updates is just the beginning of what lies ahead.

Building your own platform will cost millions of dollars plus you will need to budget for a full time IT department to support your solution itself

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A Keylogger for Mac Is the Ultimate Surveillance Tool for Macintosh Computers

It is without a doubt that the Internet offers plenty of great opportunities to anyone who uses it, provided that they use it in the right way for the right things. It is a perfect medium for research, communications, entertainment and much more. It is a valuable learning tool for children as well. However, while this may be the case, the Internet also has its disadvantages and dangers. There is plenty of content which is extremely inappropriate for children for a start. In many family homes, parents do not take the dangers of the Internet seriously and children enjoy completely unrestricted and unmonitored access to the web. It is essential to avoid this kind of situation. Parental control features should always be in place on any family computer, but they cannot solely be relied upon. What you need in combination with parental controls is a solution which allows you to monitor activity as well. This is where a keylogger for Mac such as REFOG Mac Keylogger comes in.

REFOG Mac Keylogger is the ultimate tool for monitoring users of your Macintosh computer. This powerful keylogger for Mac allows you to monitor anyone logged in to the computer. It is ideal for

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A Brief History Of Forklift Technology

Our modern economy has a tendency to take forklifts and forklift truck technology for granted. These industrial machines were created in the beginning of the 20th century as American was still going through a rapid industrialization post World War 1. Many companies were moving from other industries into the material handling industry. Hyster, for example, started out in the logging industry, but by the 1930s started to shift its focus to the burgeoning materials handling industry and began developing forklifts.

During and after World War 2, the forklift became a staple of industrialization. They were used during the war to bring supplies to the front lines and were also used to transport military goods from American factories to foreign ports. American warehouses used forklifts and lift trucks to increase productivity and efficiency in their materials handling.

As the decades progressed, so did technology, and increasingly forklifts were going electric. Electric forklifts often provide lower operating costs and tend to be more ecofriendly than gas powered forklift trucks. Electric forklifts have become a standard for businesses that want to compete in today’s international economy.

Forklifts have come a long way from their humble origins. They were originally created by modifying tractors by applying lifts

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