About Eldora Gold Resources Canada Tailings Processing Technology

Eldora Gold Resources Canada: Tailings Processing is our operations division which provides a chemical free, environmentally friendly solution to the process of extracting minerals from tailings.
Eldora has developed proprietary equipment and techniques that extract mineral concentrate from existing tailings. Our technique also reduces the negative environmental effect of the chemicals remaining in the tailings from the original mining process.
Our low capital cost approach and high mineral recovery percentage provides an extremely profitable option for our clients. Eldora Gold also provides a database of buyers willing to purchase the concentrate.
Tailings Processing Technology
Eldora Gold has developed and is offering a proprietary separation technique for extracting mineral content from mining tailings. Our technology has no up-front cost to the client due to the low capital cost of the equipment.
Eldora Gold will start by verifying the mineral content of the tailings through certified sample testing and, if successful, we will supply the equipment and training necessary to extract the mineral concentrate. We also provide the buyer for the extracted concentrate.
The fee for these services is an agreed upon percentage of the mineral concentrate sale which is typically in the range of one third of the concentrate sale price. The fee to Eldora Gold is only payable after the sale of the concentrate resulting in no risk to the customer.
The technology behind our processing technique is completely chemical free and proprietary. Extensive development and years of experience have resulted in a technique that not only extracts the majority of valuable mineral content of the tailings, it leaves the remaining tailings with a significantly lower content of the acid forming minerals from the original ores.
Tailings have always been an unwanted byproduct of mining from an environmental standpoint. These tailings are left in piles and leach environmentally destructive materials into the surrounding soil.
This greatly affects wildlife and water tables for years to come. Our process drastically reduces the acid forming mineral content of these tailings during the mineral extraction process.
The result is cleaner tailings and the extraction of significant amounts of valuable minerals. The sale of the mineral concentrate provides significant profit to the customer and provides the incentive to use our technology to stop the destruction of the environment.
About Eldora Gold Resources Canada: Eldora Gold was founded by a group of experts in the mineral recovery and mining industry, whose focus is to provide accurate information, state of the art equipment and outstanding customer service. There are 3 core founders, each with a unique and extensive background.
About Eldora Gold Resources Canada: The Companys Technical Manager has more than 30 years experience in manufacturing and process plant operations holding a BSc In Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Toronto as well as significant experience in precious metals refining. He also holds a US patent in Cadmium-free gold solder alloys. He specializes in the tailings processing technology and all engineering aspects of Eldora Gold Resources Canadas proprietary equipment and techniques.

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